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A full team this week as Simon returned from his trip to Japan, however there was no Super-Special Guest. Maybe Roll 7 will be on next week, but we've not been given any guarantees either way.

Without a SSG in this episode Simon and Ste took the opportunity to talk about their latest favourite game: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Although it might sound more like complaining about getting old, rather than talking about the latest game in an established videogame franchise.

We also found out what Ste can say on air, who is making games for Ann, and Simon found out who loves the Switch more than he does. And - what's this? - a challenger approaches! Or a random entrant into the studio at least.

Team OLL


1. Joe Berry Osponge - Phantom Boss Fight
2. PSS 270 - Mikromusikwerk 03 (Casio + Atari)

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