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Another Ann absence this week, which would normally mean that Simon and Ste start buying video game equipment that they don't need, but this time they took to opportunity to learn something about themselves. Which was mostly their middle names.

Ann did manage to write some news which Simon read out, but he did point out that no jokes were included. Unless there were and Simon was news-shaming Ann. Or maybe Ann just improvs the jokes as she's reading the news out?

This week we had the very prepared Nicholas Lovell on as our Super-Special Guest. He was in to talk about his new book - the Pyramid of Games Design - which is aimed at people who make videogames, those who are trying to switch to service-based games, and anyone starting in the industry. He told us how you get people to become superfans of your games, how many layers a game needs, and if losing the narrative in videogames is a Good Thing.

But to be honest, we were a little disappointed that Team OLL wasn't acknowledged in Nicholas' previous book The Curve (which invented FIFA's Ultimate Team mode). Surely this would be rectified in his new book?

We also found out that Ste has been spying on Mrs Graham, how easy it is to put on a bandana (Hi D Perry), if P Moulinex invented Fortnite, how Ste tells the temperature, and Simon couldn't remember.

Team OLL x


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2. Nakayama Ramo - Sticky and Stringy

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