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... When you're driving on a ceiling.

With Ann absent due to non-OLL related work, it was left to Ste and Simon to man the studio. Luckily for Simon's wallet they didn't have to fill the space buying more peripherals for his Switch as they had Leo and Al from Wired Production on as Super-Special Guests. Originally they were on to talk about Leo's history in games, but we rapidly changed to talking about their latest game, GRIP: Combat Racing, once we realised what was literally at stake.

GRIP:Combat Racing is a combat racing game. Once again, what comes after the colon explains everything. It's inspired by the classic Playstation game Rollcage and sees cars driving on the ceiling. Oh wait, that's what the GRIP bit stands for. It turns out not everything is explained after the colon. We asked how GRIP improves on Rollcage, what it is like getting the fans involved, and what should be put in a collector's edition.

Due to Scants' being away there was a news-shaped hole in the episode, and we proved that three men are definitely not the same as one Ann (and we repeated a story - we should really listen to the episodes that we're not on). We also discovered if Leo likes sand, Simon gets another peripheral for his Switch, Ste discovered a Swedish cure for cold, and we had some Red Hot Intellivision Chat.

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1. Imaginary - Transfer Student
2. Zark - Gods of Nature

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