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After last week with no Ann and no SSG, what will this week bring? Well, Ste had been taking Marioke to the streets of LA and unfortunately caught a bug so couldn't be in the studio. And Simon? Well, he was away but we are never really sure why he needs to take so much time off. Perhaps he bought a new docking station for his Switch.

So it was Ann running the studio, and she wasn't by herself. Helping her out was the NSSSG (Not So Super-Special Guest) Ben Hall. Ben hasn't made a game, but he does upload the podcasted episodes of One Life Left and is also writing this sentence now which is very meta. And, as well as Ben, an absent contributor made his return to the airwaves.

We managed to cover the important gaming topics, like which VR game is potentially the Best VR Game Ever, which FOTS caused Brexit, what game can Ann not pronounce properly, and how will Ben save the programmers at Rockstar? We also got in a fish pun cul de sac and came up with some amazing videogame ideas that we will make our millions from.

Team OLL x


1. Monotron - Chipchune
2. Ada Mills - Secret 7
3. Amateur LSDJ - Macabre

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