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It's extremely worrying to be writing about a videogame lawyer. If we get anything wrong about them then we could be sued for our Marioke Millions, it's why we've avoided having Phoenix Wright on the show. Luckily this week's Super-Special Guest, Tim Davies from Sheridans, set the bar (clever wording we know, cheers) for being a good lawyer so we took the opportunity to ask him lots of purely theoretical questions that we have to legally state we were not asking for a friend. We manage to cover loot boxes, found out which publishers are good for developers, and when can you legally shake a client.

Ann is still a bit poorly, but this time it seems to be because she licked that Switch cartridge last week. Remember: All of Team OLL are professional trained cartridge lickers, things can go wrong. Please, don't try this at home. Do it outside of the home, as the Switch can be a portable console. Ann is away next week (this is unconnected to the cartridge licking), so if you fancy being an SSG that week (or any other Monday) then drop us a line at the usual address.

As well as all that we had Simon coming to the studio all fresh after a hair cut, we came up with a great non-IP infringing idea, and Ste found out what the kids know about videogames.

Team OLL x


1. adaMills - Secret 7
2. Alternate Dementia - Grizzly

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