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It's the final episode of One Life Left before our summer break which means that it's mufti day. Actually, did everyone have a mufti day at school or was it a regional thing? Well everyone brought games in for their last day didn't they?

Despite there not being an England World Cup match on Monday Simon still didn't make it into the studio and he also neglected to book a Super-Special Guest so it was a Scanters and Ste Summer Special. This meant they got to talk about the most relevant topic in videogames this week, which was obviously haircuts.

There was also discussion about immersive theatre, a solid rain joke from Ann, we finally confirmed if we were HAPPY TO PAY FOR GAMES, and the Ste and Microphone feud continued. It'll probably still be going into Season 17.

Team OLL x


1. Deko - Pancakes
2. Feryl - Summer is Fading

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