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What does QVC stand for? Great products at great prices. OK, let's make this clearer: What do the letters in QVC stand for? You will find out the true answer during this week's episode of OLL. Which stands for One Life Left - a poor videogame radio show on a great radio station.

Our Super-Special Guest was Alex Fleetwood from Sensible Object, who has passed most of his training to be on QVC. He's been busy making Fabulous Beasts, then renaming it as Beasts of Balance, adding a new feature to Beasts of Balance (which is a potential OLL EXCLUSIVE), before moving onto Alexa powered board games like the travel trivia game When In Rome. Alex has also been trying to make Bingo more exciting, but annoying things like image rights have been getting in the way.

We also found out if Simon is annoyed by time travel, if Ste gets on with his microphone, and if Ann liked her hotel in Brighton. And football isn't coming home either, but if this is news to you only as a result of listening to this podcast then you probably weren't that bothered about it’s attendance anyway.

Team OLL x


1. Klamm - Transformation
2. Amateur LSDJ - Storm Outro

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