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We had the full team in this week but no Super-Special Guest. We were going to get Jesse Lingard on to talk about Fortnite, but he was busy for some reason or other.

After our mini-break last week we came back to a very hot studio and Ste had made the mistake of not wearing shorts (luckily he didn’t make the additional mistake of not wearing trousers). We discussed what we got up to during Saturday’s football, Ann successfully workshopped a joke, Ste ordered some games in contradiction to his previous statements, and Simon has made some money.

We also found out that soon we will find out if we are more important than QVC, that Simon is a Catfish, and that at least two of our Significant Others listen to the show live. You can too at 7pm on Resonance FM.

Team OLL x


Tracklist: 1. Zer0 Filt3r - neato 2. Sanczo Zapiekanka - Pegasos Elegium 3. Amateur LSDJ - Armada

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