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Simon was back this week but we didn’t have a Super-Special Guest through no fault of our own. Honest. This meant that Ste had more time to talk about Mario Tennis Aces and if he loves it more than he loves Smash Bros. Simon decided to go headphones free and has discovered literally hundreds of pounds hiding in his attic (it’s the cupboard under the stairs that is where the real worthless items are).

We also found out that we are now on Spotify, Ann discovered that you can put JoyCons on your body, and we managed to solve Brexit through loot boxes. We debriefed the team about Marioke in Berlin and how it is different to UK Marioke (mostly it’s to do with smoking).

WARNING: Ste will be mostly talking about Lumines next week so be prepared for that.

Team OLL x


1. Ada Mills - Space Stage
2. Squoril - Atari Love Song

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