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Sometimes One Life Left is scheduled against big events, which means that some of our listeners usually have to catch up through these podcasts. Luckily this week all that was happening at 7pm was an England match - which pretty much everyone agreed was a 7/10 performance.

For some reason Simon was away this week (which HR are investigating), but he managed to book Luke Williams as a Super-Special Guest before he went off. Luke was on for his fourth or fifth appearance and took his third or fourth chance to talk about Worlds Adrift. Except this time Worlds Adrift has finally been released. As it’s an open world MMO we found out if Americans are nicer than Europeans, why Team OLL was missed off Bossa's big sky ship event, and if the game broke in a good way.

We thought of a great mod for The Last of Us 2, Ann decided she was going to become great at Fortnite, then realised that she was already a legend in Worlds Adrift, Ste showed even more love for Smash Bros, and we found out if Luke enjoyed swinging.

Team OLL x


1. Brink - Tough World
2. Pointless - Pulse Wave Rave Party
3. Klamm - Discoveries

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