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The full team is back in the studio for the second week in a row, so that should mean that we had no issues with playing jingles correct? Assuming that the Caretaker made the edits that needed doing then the answer is yes.

Our Super-Special Guest was the games designer and writer-for-hire of Little Mix fanfic Holly Gramazio. She clarified some points of order that related to our first episode of this season as she part-curates the amazing Now Play This festival and runs design superstar company Matheson Marcault - our favourite gaming company with the initials MM (at least until Media Molecule are on the show). We find out all about Holly’s new Kickstarter project Art Cards, which cards were rejected from Art Cards, whether people prefer to be Arty or to Party, and what border control think of her job.

Ann brought her backpack into the studio and also found a great loophole for doing E3 news that she should have implemented twelve years ago. Simon has a new purchase that he hasn’t opened yet and jointly proclaimed his love for Kingdom Hearts with Ste. We also found out why Ste has an Android phone. The answer probably won’t shock you.

Team OLL x


1. Klamm - The Door into the Summer
2. Amateur LSDJ - Naval

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