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Right, the Caretaker went away for a week with strict instructions for the two episodes that he would miss to be uploaded each Wednesday. These instructions were not followed. Therefore this week is now going to be One Life Left Week. This episode from two weeks ago will be uploaded on Tuesday, the following episode on Friday and the next one on Monday. This should get us back up to speed. It also means Dan Marshall is going to be doing a heck of a lot of running this week.

So, what happened in this/that week’s episode? Ann was still playing Picross and managed to get juice all over the screen. Ste was doing Marioke in Sweden and also presented the Swedish Game Awards. Simon went to Blackpool for the Slime Fest and found out the correct way to talk to EthanGamerTV.

Our SSSG was Yan Kuzovlev from Weappy Studio, who called in to talk about their game This Is The Police which was about to be launched on Switch, but has now been out for ages. Sorry Yan, it’s not my fault. Yan talked about how This Is The Police had been received on PC and the other consoles and why (“the” - Ann) Switch was a logical choice for the next port.

There was also a bit of chat about the price of popcorn these days. You know the usual videogame chat.

Ste is away next/last week as he’s in Finland. Luckily the show will be in good hands right? Find out on Friday…

Team OLL x


1. Not entirely sure
2. Veenomn - My Haunted Ass
3. Son Of A Bit! - Chased By A Running Chupacabra
4. Donotrunwithpixels - Sorry For The Long Track Title, Here’s A Potato

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