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After ten years of hosting One Life Left it seems that Ste thinks it’s time for an image change and he’s now going to become the bad boy of videogames. Not content with skinny dipping last week in Finland, we learnt about how he broke the rules in his youth. It’s a shocking revelation that we need to warn you about here so that it doesn’t offend you too much.

We were happy to finally be able to put a monetary value on how much an appearance on One Life Left will bring you, thanks to Gary Penn being our SSSG last week. Dan Marshall will be kick(ball)ing himself about how much he’s missing out due to his dodgy internet connection.

We also planned a trip to Bury, found out that Radiohead are trolling us and Ann found out what the lads do behind her back when the news is on.

Come to Married-oke this Friday - the Bad Boy won’t be there but it will still be fun!

Team OLL x


1. Johan Andersson - Ghost and Goblins (Surf Mix)
2. Veenomn - Big Beat
3. Sudstep - Like We Used To

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