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There was no Ann this week as she’s busy preparing for her wedding (this is also why we’re not doing a show next week). We also didn’t have a Super-Special Guest, but this was just as well as they would have been totally overshadowed by our live preordering special! Yes, in the same way that Sky Sports News only does well when it is transfer deadline day, this week’s episode saw live coverage of whether the space under Simon’s stairs would see an increase in items being stored in it. But would Ste also fall under the item’s spell? And would anyone regret their purchase by the end of the episode?

Without an SSG our listeners helped fill the void by sending us loads of excellent letters. Sega Badawi also helped for a minute with some Local News. The rest was covered by Simon’s grey joycon, Ste going back to trousers and a rather crap Glaswegian accent. Oh, and as this episode gets uploaded we’ll be at Unite Europe doing a Marioke with Simon Parkinson. What will we get him to do in Amsterdam? As with preordering in The Netherlands all bets are off. And probably tops too.

Team OLL x


1. Sudstep - Like We Used To
2. Pselodux - Columinata

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