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It’s another Bank Holiday Monday so that means it’s time to check back into the Nordic Game Jam and see how things progressed since our last episode. The main issue is that 24 hours had passed since our last Game Jam episode so (in theory) people should have slept. We tried our best to find out the best and worst places to sleep at a Game Jam and also tried to see if snoring had affected any games created.

Luckily we managed to find lots of people who were on our previous episode so we got to see how their ideas (and teams) had changed and also got to speak to someone from the most exotic country attending.

We also came up with an idea for a Game Jam that we thought of two weeks ago, but was two weeks after this episode was recorded. On both times we appear to think it’s a new idea that we’ve had. This is what Game Jams can do to you.

Look in our links section below to see all the games that were created from the Jam. They’re all excellent.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. m0n0deaf - k0ng0
2. amateur lsdj - grounded
3. Eduard - Lights of Shanghai

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