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We start the episode a little confused. So confused that Ste mentions how it’s our first show together for a few weeks, er, except we were all together last week. Ste did have an excuse in that Team OLL got together over the week to once again give the gift of Marioke to Nordic Game. Apart from Simon who decided Belgium was much better, which it would have been but he failed to go to Ghent or Bobbejaanland.

Anyway, after last week’s lack of an SSG we went overboard by getting a guest who had just flown in from America - and boy were his arms tired! It was Glenn Gregory from ID@Xbox, which is the main route to getting your indie game onto to Xbox platform. We bombarded him with questions that he actually gave a straight answer to like: Is there still a place for traditional indie games? What does Ann need to do to promote her indie game that she hasn’t made yet? And: How many games have been released on the ID service? This last one wasn’t a question we asked, but we did find out the answer in the show.

One other thing that means Glenn will always be a Friend Of The Show is that he managed to give Ann and Ste the opportunity to audition to be a Sugababe. Were either of us successful? We may never know. We also had some Local News, had a joke stolen by time-travelling television people and realised we’re getting old. What a bummer of an ending.

Team OLL x


1. Veenomn – Big Boofer
2. amateurlsdj - Stellar

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