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After a break for the Easter holidays and to go to Denmark, we’re back! And, as usual for when we have a break for a holiday, we’ve left a member of Team OLL in another country.

And our Super-Special Guest had a very apt name for this week’s presenting team with Stephane (Ste + Ann) Ferrandiz from Gamevil making his first appearance on the show. He was here to talk about War of Crown, which has all the best bits of Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics, but none of the bad bits. It’s also has real time PVP so we tried to find out how easy that is to do (presumably we’re thinking of doing it in Marioke).

We also spoke about Snooker, came up with a cheap way to make a mini NES and Ann told us about her massive bruise that happened at the Nordic Game Jam. It’s been a difficult two weeks.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Amateur LSDJ - Equestrian
2. DEgITx - Remember Your Name
3. Leave Luck To Hell - Pheonix Down Syndrome

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