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This week’s Super-Special Guest is John Vega who works at Curve Digital as a business developer. Luckily as Simon was away, there was no conflict of interest in the interview section. Unluckily as Simon was away, there were lots of questions we could ask John about working with Simon. We found out what it is that a business developer does, what the success rate of the game pitches Curve receives is like and how we can improve our chances of getting our game published (probably by not asking personal questions about Simon).

Little Acre is one of the first games that John biz devved and it should be out now! John told us a little bit about what made him interested in the game and also that Lord Sir Charles Cecil had a small role in proceedings. That must mean it’s going to be great, or that a goat has been put into the game somewhere.

Ann proved her news hound credentials by uncovering the new name for Super Mario Run and also a new price point for the app. This news may be related to Ann’s new glasses which have a new prescription and make it hard for her to read accurately. Ste was feeling a bit melancholy about videogames. He’s obviously missing his guns, when the bells ring out for New Year’s Day he’ll have a great big smile on his face as 2017 is the Year of the Guns.

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Track list:
1. VCMG - The Func
2. Hitekx - Zack0 Beat
3. Burryleak - Snow.scr

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