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It’s a Christmas miracle: Simon’s back! He did forget to bring Sega Badawi or a Super-Special Guest with him but made it up by managing to get Skype working in our studio. This meant that we managed to get Gary Plowman on the show as our Super-Special Skype Guest. Gary spoke about his ZX Spectrum Code Club book, which is a good stocking filler for all family members (depending on the size of the stocking). Incredibly Gary has managed to get a Basic version of Flappy Birds working on the Spectrum which we’re already excited about coding. Gary allowed two thirds of Team OLL to reminisce about typing in programmes from magazines and books - along with the typos and misprints that caused the whole programme to fail.

Anyway, with Gary being our inaugural Skype guest it now opens the whole world to being Super-Special Guests. So if you live in a non-Brexit country and still want to be involved in One Life Left then let us know (offer also open to UK residents who just don’t fancy coming to London).

We spent last Sunday on a barge and did a super-secret Marioke project that will become clear at our Christmas party next week (which is already sold out). There’s also an in depth discussion of popcorn and we get our Sinclair Users and Your Sinclairs mixed up. What an (R tape loading) error.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Jaar - Commodorable
2. Hide Your Tigers - Vitaminte
3. Klamm - Cracks

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