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The first OLL after bonfire night saw Team OLL one member down and slightly deflated after we got bored by fireworks. If only we knew what would happen in America on Tuesday!!!! (SATIRE) Anyway, with Simon away we forgot to do one of Simon’s Important Tasks. Luckily we didn’t forget to book a Super-Special Guest as Tom Cole came on the show to promote Adventure X - The Narrative Gaming Convention.

Tom told us who had been announced as Super-Special Guests at Adventure X and it was an impressive list containing the European-Cup winning John Robertson (we might have got the wrong J Robertson). The band that will be playing at the event sounded a little familiar, but Tom managed to talk us around and there may be logistical issues regarding the fireside chat. And it’s free so what’s stopping you from going?

Ste gave some incredibly useful advice for videogame journalists as well as being unbelievably happy about catching a Porygon. Ann is getting her photograph taken next week, Sega Badawi dropped some Local News and Rob Beer made his final Confession. We nearly missed out on a Proust reference, but Tom helped us make the connection (it turns out it’s an old arcade game that Atari made where you fly around on birds).

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Kazzy - Cliffs

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