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After a wonderful time at the Slush Play conference in Iceland, Ste successfully made it back to the studio. Ann didn't and neither did Ste's top. Unfortunately Simon was also going through sports jet lag due to the baseball and also because of him 'be'ing Alex Hunter. Yes, it's hard to believe but a game has finally knocked Star Wars Battlefront off. Perhaps it'll be joining Simon's Wii at the bottom of the canal before too long.

Our Super-Special Guest is James Long, who created a game that is Top Secret. It is based on Edward Snowden and the events leading up to him releasing his leaks. Perhaps we've said too much just by having James on our show, but we think we can tell you that it is a real time email game where you react to actual emails that were sent out at the time. And we provide clear evidence that you can monetise your brand on One Life Left through Simon, sorry 'Alex', buying the game on air. And, if we haven't made it clear enough, the game's name is Top Secret.

We also had some Confessions of a Part-Time Gamer, a bit of Local News and an Ann Investigates From Iceland. Well, maybe not the last one but we're going to pretend we did in our next show just to check if Ann listens to the show and reads this bit. Although going by our news section this week we probably shouldn't annoy her too much.

Team OLL x


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2. Garvalf - Deux Saisons
3. Veenomn - Wake up!!

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