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We regret to inform you that we haven’t found a use for the coin sound effect in this week’s episode. This is due to a surprisingly high level of competence from ourselves, which will never last. Iceland will be the main beneficiaries of our incompetence this week as Ann and Ste are going over to the Slush Play conference to do a Sigur Ros and Pollaponk based Marioke and to eat their body weight in Pipp chocolates. Ann is also going to be playing detective over there, hopefully she’s got a good jumper sorted out for it.

Martho Ghariani from Oasis Games was this week’s Super-Special Guest. He’d just flown in from New York and boy were his arms tired! Oasis Games is a Beijing based publisher who is bringing five Playstation VR games from China over to the west over the next few months. We heard about the developing console market in China and tried to learn even more about how VR will change the videogame industry. Perhaps with all our knowledge we’ll become the first-ever VR podcast? (Actually this is A Good Idea – Ed)

Mostly this week has been all about the hard cuts, and about us all hanging out with everyone else. Maybe they were Telegraph journalists. Rob Beer provided more Confessions of a Part-Time Gamer and Sega Badawi had some Local News. Our studio saw some action as we went through our bins, which risked annoying Digitiser 2000’s Mr. T and Simon spoke about cupping. Actually, we should have used the coin sound effect there.

Team OLL x


1. Volt 44 - Redhead
2. ABeardfulFate - Faint Hope Impending Doom

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