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After a week off due to the bank holiday (which the caretaker forgot to tell us about) we came back at full strength. Er, except Simon was off to sunny Spain. And Simon is usually the one who books the guests. So who do we know that has a new game coming out (and two others in development) and has a golden spring on his microphone? Yes, instead of an SSG this week, we have a SS-Ste. We find out what our SS-Ste was doing ten years ago, spoke about his new game Chime Sharp, how stressful kickstarters are and don't get any exclusives. Once again, Ste has let us down.

Away from our guest, we find that videogame fans annoy us and cheer us up in equal measures, say goodbye to Videogame Nation (and try to work out if they're on The List (High Def)) and Ste man-reviews Scanters as well as nearly becoming a Truther due to F-Zero. There's also Sega Badawi, who gives us some local news that was slightly more topical a week ago, but he forgot about the bank holiday break.

We normally have three paragraphs for each episode intro so here is one for you to enjoy.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Liquid Calm - Holds Hands Over Borders
2. Mystic Hero - Augusta
3. Veenomn - Simple Noises

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