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It's not a new season of One Life Left if at least one of us can't make it to the second episode. And Scanters was very happy to take the hit for the team this episode to go boozing on the way to Oslo. It's a hard life being head of HR and News for Europe's leading videogame radio programme. Ann was so on top with her HRing this week by managing to arrange a news-reading substitute, although he did let her down slightly by having a bit of a Network moment. True newsreaders would never do that.

Frederico Fasce from ETT was this week's Super-Special Guest. He gave a very good reason as to why he wouldn't be able to attend our next Marioke event, which meant that we were prepared to ask him about Game Happens - the Italian gaming event he runs with his girlfriend - and the work that he does for ETT. As a result we confirmed how intelligent we were and also learnt about how games are useful in psychological testing (we'd have needed more than an hour for us to do that one).

We move into a fascinating sphere of audio adventures by giving a commentary about an old issue of Edge (warning: contains Nokia N-Gage news) and also got Simon's hot take on the toys to life market, which in turn led to us uncovering a whole new market to move into. And you get some Local News too.

Team OLL x


1. 0b111 - OreoMilkshake_1989
2. Tuxic - 1st Round

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