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This week's episode is a Denmark special. And in order to celebrate Denmark we got the programmers of James Pond, 3D Construction Kit and the amazing International Rugby Challenge in to talk about it. Oh. Wait. We were thinking of Domark, not Denmark. Luckily our SSG booker didn't make such a mistake and, after Sandi Toksvig and Sofie Hagen refused to return our non-existent calls, we got Jacob and Simon from Gameswing on as our Super-Special Guests. They were there to talk about their new (and first) game Stikbold, which is coming out on XBox One and PC on 1st April and on PS4 a few days afterwards. We asked them about how the game developed from its early start as a Dodgeball game at the Nordic Game Jam to its expertly published current state.

We also found out that we really don't like the word sunsetting, fingernails being left in the studio or not being allowed booze on trains like they are in Denmark. This is our last episode before we go to GDC (which will be podcasted) and when we return we will be ten years old, so be prepared for an anniversary special. John Life Left and Sega Badawi provided some features and we also heard about the latest YouTube Superstar. Finally someone in the extended Team OLL will know how streaming works.

Team OLL x


1. Please Lose Battle - Goodbye Joy
2. Cangrejo - Spider Dance - Undertale
3. Klamm - Goblins

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