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It's always good to have gaming royalty on the show so we were happy to have Lord Sir Charles Cecil CBE on as our Super-Special Guest this week. He showed his experience by managing to get the most plugs ever within the first minute of his introduction. You don't run a software company for 25 years without developing some good promotional skills. And next month Revolution Software will indeed be 25 years old, so we took an audio tour through the history of Revolution discussing classics like Lure of The Temptress, Beneath A Steel Sky and their little known game called Broken Sword.

Charles also spoke about if the point and click game is still dead, announced a special version of Broken Sword that's available next month and also defended videogame journalists against ("The Hateful Eight" - ed). Not only that but he managed to offend Simon as well, which was bound to happen at some point. The bromance is over.

John Life Left and Sega Badawi provided us with some features (and we're always open to new ideas for contributions) and we had Dexter make a welcome return to the reviews section. And if you want to be a Super-Special Guest without going to the hassle of creating an amazing game then you can bid for the opportunity to do so at the Super-Special Resonance FM Auction. Look out for it on the Resonance FM website.

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Track list
1. Klamm - Regainer
It's appears to have been deleted, but check anyway
2. Yuki Kakushi - It's Ok To Cry

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