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One Life Left has been hip to all the latest trends in video games ever since we got a cyber razor cut in order to play on our Super Nintendo, yet the streaming fever has passed us by. We did have a spell last year where we tried to Twitch regularly, but all it ended up with is us getting a funny gif of Scanters that we auctioned off for Resonance FM (who you should donate to if you get the chance). However, we're always willing to learn new things, particularly if they contain the key phrase 'monetise our brand' so we got Super-Special Guest and Twitch Superstar Katt Strike in the studio!

Katt told us all about streaming and how it ended up with her getting a new PC and a new job. This then lead into a debate on if streamers are replacing traditional reviews and then managed to inadvertently prove a point in our traditional reviews section. We confirmed that we will be attending GDC this year, Simon knocked over a bin, Ste opened Jack Bike-Show's post and Ann was touched by Lewis Schaffer. And Simon.

More importantly we had WORLD EXCLUSIVE HALF-LIFE 3 NEWS!!!!! At least we think we have some news. Listen to the show and decide. You'll also get to hear John Life Left and Sega Badawi!

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Boy Without Batteries - Teenage
2. Atari Tufty - Space Beeps
3. For a Broken Earth - Leave a Trace[chvrches-lsdj-cover]

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