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This week's show was a little bit weird. Firstly, this week's Super-Special Guest Jon Hare said that we were part of the videogame industry. Obviously he hadn't read the results of this year's GMAs. Secondly, Jon provided us with an actual EXCLUSIVE!!! first play of the remix/demo version of Goal Scoring Superstar Hero to put on the show. We thought the only EXCLUSIVES!!! we could reveal were the colour of the game. And in case you're wondering, the main colour of Jon's new game Sociable Soccer is green, unless it's snowing in which case it's white.

We spoke to Jon about the development of Sociable Soccer, how Simon isn't the World Champion of it, but did manage to score the second ever headed goal and tried to work out the secret bit of coding to make our own version of Sociable Soccer. Ann was at a hen do in Copenhagen over the weekend, Simon and Ste were at a Chvrches gig whilst Sega Badawi just stayed in the news room to catch up on the latest events. We also heard from the mayor of Royal Leamington Spa (and possibly Ozzy Osbourne's nephew).

And the tickets for our Christmas party have finally been made available for sale. Please come. It will almost certainly be as great as last year's one.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. atomsmasha - Kavinsky 1986[chiptune-8-bit]
2. Ice wolf - Distorted Relaxation
3. Sociable Soccer - Goal Scoring Superstar Hero (demo)
4. d0us - simkit

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