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Last week we had a Marioke event at GameCity. It involved lots of drinking and singing. Nothing unusual there. But we've not seen Ann since, and some sources are saying that she ended up in Japan. Is she going to be the new Kojima?

As Ann was missing, we needed to make sure that her replacement was completely ethical and - most importantly - a man. So we got GameUnder, renegade gamer and former president of Electronic Arts to come in and do the news. We also got Henry Hoffman from Fiddlesticks and the most stylish man in games in as a Super-Special Guest. He told us his origin story, his new game Hue, his experimental VR game Aboard The Looking Glass and made an EXCLUSIVE! announcement that he probably shouldn't have made and we shouldn't be mentioning in CAPITAL LETTERS. Sorry.

We're also sorry that there won't be a show next week, it's all Ste's fault for going to India. Oh, and we're sorry for the spoilers that GameUnder might do during his news. While we're at it, sorry for mentioning TFI Friday during the show. We won't apologise for Sega Badawi, although some of his puns this week do get a little close to the edge.

Team OLL x


1. MotionRide - 99 Lives Left
2. Lamer Pinky - Way To Unity
3. Klamm - Icebreaker

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