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One Life Left -- s10e01 -- #219 -- Ten-acious Ste

One Life Left is well known for keeping its promises. Managing to brand a certain day of the week for our karaoke event? DELIVERED. Making a superstar of Mike Bithell? DELIVERED. Promising not to mention 'that thing' we all know about Simon 'Parko' Parkin on air? DELIVERED. So when we promised that Georg Backer would come on the first episode of our tenth season and he'd bring along his PA then you knew there would be only one all caps word we'd write: DELIVERED.

Not only did we talk about Georg and Keith's new festival - Radius Festival - and how it will cope being placed against OLL Thirdsday, but we heard about Georg's dream location for a festival. And soon regretted hearing about his dreams. As usual we told Keith what to say to senior figures in the games industry when he'll meet them at E3, something which has made him reach the high levels he is currently reaching. And Ann got ejected by her chair. Which was the one Keith was meant to be using.

We got Sega Badawi detailing the latest local news. And also Doctor Avatar made an appearance. He is now an official Doctor which we think means that Parko can get 'that thing' looked at. Congratulations Doctor Avatar. Good luck Parko.

And being the first episode of a new season we came up with a task for the season. This one even sounds like we might even be able to achieve it. Although you'll probably all regret that this is the case.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. MotionRide - Zeero Two Three
2. Kubi - Polarity

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