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It's hard being the official King Maker of the videogames industry. Last year we crowned Mike Bithell and videogames haven't been the same since. And for that, we apologise. This means that we've been on the lookout for the new King for a few months. Now is the time of the coronation. The King is (not literally) dead. Long live the King!

But who is the King we hear you ask? And what games has he made that just consist of blocks and a funny voiceover by Danny Wallace? Well, it's Luke Williams from Boss Studios and he's made the excellent Surgeon Simulator that - get this - actually involves proper graphics. We've literally looked outside the box for this choice. And Luke was an excellent guest, explaining how entering the Global Game Jam and expecting a lack of sleep makes you come up with weird (but amazing) ideas for videogames. He also officially announced One Life Left as the official partners of Surgeon Simulator, thereby allowing us to go up and collect the Bafta award when Surgeon Simulator wins and told us how easy/difficult it is to come up with touch controls for the new iPad version of the game.

In addition to talking about surgery and medical procedures we had Doctor Avatar talking about surgery and medical procedures (except Doctor Avatar's are real procedures that should not be tried at home (or elsewhere)) and Sega Badawi with more local news.

Unfortunately this will be the last OLL for a few weeks as we've got to prepare ourselves for GDC. Last time we went we got in so much trouble by adding the letter u whenever we said the word color so we've had to undergo an intensive elocution course so that we will be understood by the Indie Developers attending. Tune in to our podcasts in association with Gamasutra around GDC to hear how successful they were. Also, buy tickets for our next karaoke event on April 12th. It promises to be fantastic, we already have new songs written that will be premiered there and you don't want to hear about these second hand. Vines, Audioboos, Sound clouds and Instagrams just won't do them justice.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Stugard - Enceladus
2. Galan - Arcade Dub
3. Commandycan - C Side

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