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In this week's show we have John and Simon from Olli Olli developers Roll 7. Luckily for them we forgot to go on about the Superbowl, which we were going to hilariously rename the SuperbOLL, and thinking about it probably wasn't going to work over the airwaves. We also forgot to mention our great idea to mash up OlliOlli and The Stanley Parable to make the Stan and Ollie Parables, which would detail the black and white adventures of one thin man and one fat man in a horn factory.

We did manage to ask them about working with Sony, what it's like annoying Dan Marshall (more to see if they found it different to how we find it), the colour of their new game but neglected to mention how much it would cost to use our likenesses for an OLLiOLLi spin off. Ah well. Scanters got recognised as a Twitter celebrity, gave hair and nightlife advice and the Team all decided that killing children was wrong.

As usual Sega Badawi provided some local news, but Science Officer and Super Roger World made their welcome returns. We also learn about how to control games using your brain waves, try an experiment and probably fail at it. It's what we do best.

And if you can please contribute to the Resonance FM fundraiser. They're an excellent station to work with and they'll be really freaked out that we just wrote nice things about them. Next week will be a telethon but on the radio so a radithon? Either way, it'll be fantastic so tune in.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Mister Beep - Hypervelocity Stars
2. Monomania - Blue
3. Legacy - Rade (under the stars)

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