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If we've learnt one thing over the nine seasons of One Life Left it's that the videogame industry only cares about money. Artistic integrity, great ideas, beautiful writing - none of this matters if your games doesn't sell in its millions and you make enough money to make another God game. With this in mind we were happy to welcome the first ever Million Pound Gaming Journalist - Cara Ellison - to the show.

Cara dropped by to explain how Patreon works and why it allows her to stay round indie developers houses without their approval. She also clarified which of the IGF nominees were not cool, how she'll be able to cope when Simon stops investing money in her Patreon and also gives her backing to our 'Free Christian Donlan' campaign. Which we've only just started.

Ann is getting tapped up again, she's been offered a new position over at the Bayside Diner and providing lunch at Lassiters. It'll be sad times if she goes. We make inroads into becoming the first Anglo-Chinese videogame radio show*, but get sidetracked by trying to find out how popular we are on Google. Sega Badawi offers up some local news, Keith Stuart lets us down and we have an ALL-NEW feature.

It's amazing times, we think you'll agree.

Team OLL x

* Chinese readers: Sorry about the terrible translation for the episode title, we had trouble putting in the accents on the letters


Track list:
1. defPREMIUM - lgpt)))``u r on my mind``
2. Klamm - otherworld

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