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One of the worst people to be is an enabler. To allow someone to become the worst that they can possibly be. One such person is today's Super-Special Guest, Marvel artist Jamie McKelvie. If it weren't for Jamie's great skills as an artist then Kieron Gillen wouldn't have been given the opportunity to see how it would actually look like if he got off with himself. Jamie helped create the monster that the comic world is still having to deal with to this day.

What else happened this week? We tried to help Dan Marshall with his running, we started the process of changing our name to Xbox One Life Left in order to get sponsorship (but got worried about a potential rival console/website) and Ste and Simon reviewed the PS4 and how it will affect litter in videogames.

On this episode we had features from Sega Badawi and Science Officer. We also managed to get confirmation from Jamie that OLLStudios obtained the official license for the Young Avengers videogame, Simon got pins put in his back and got his Monkey Island memories slightly mixed up and Ann started to learn a whole lotta history.

This episode also contains our final mention of the Christmas party as a future event. The current timetable is doors open at 6.30pm (tickets available on the door for £12), free bar starts at 7.00pm, 7.45pm is Secret Santa feat. the Guardian, 8.30pm P-Ann-to, 9.00pm Videogame Karaoke, 11.30pm CLOSE, 11.31pm+ AFTER PARTY.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Klamm - Solar Rider
2. Jredd - Galactic Smash (feat. Toni Leys)
3. Rez - Unreal Superhero 3
4. VCMG - Golden Lonely

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