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There's no Simon this week as he's gone over to France to let his greedy wizards eat cake so it's Pip Pip Hooray for Philippa 'Pippo' Warr who makes a second guest presenter appearance this season. Despite Pip's best efforts we did miss Simon this week as Ste was given the opportunity to talk about Cricket and Ann was allowed to speak at length about her new found love of Cornettos.

Despite these distractions we still found some time to discuss videogames and we even made the official call on who has won the current console war. Other radio shows might be unwilling to make a decision, but One Life Left is prepared to make those risky choices.

Not only that but we had Paul Ly from Brainbow on as a Super-Special Guest. He was in to talk about the new game that he had been working on, Doctor Newton: The Great Brain Adventure. Unfortunately he also had to deal with Ste trying to give him the nickname 'The Future Of Games' but he managed to cope with it admirably and helped us learn how long it takes to make a game. We also tried to learn how long it takes to knock us up, but Paul wisely declined to answer that.

We proudly announce that the Christmas party has sold out, but proudly announce that you can also buy entrance at the door if you're making a last minute decision to go. Pip tells us how quickly you should read a book before you go to bed, Ste gets us confused by the text adventure Paradise and Sega Badawi and Doctor Avatar contribute features. And we probably go on about drones a bit too much.

Team OLL x


1. VCMG - Golden Lonely
2. 8-BITchintendo - ReBirth

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