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It's weird how much of a difference a single letter makes. Changing an M to a W turned Mario from an athletic Princess rescuing plumber to a money-obsessed games designer who stinks of garlic. Similar changing an A to an E makes Parko no longer a diaeresis-obsessed games journalist who constantly loses his shoes to Jason 'Perko' Perkins - the managing director of Curve Studios who, along with Rob Clarke, is this episode's Super-Special Guest.

And we perhaps weren't in the best frame of mind, with this episode being recorded after Ann and Ste got the All Tomorrow's Parties festival shut down. The Curve boys did appear to be better prepared than us at the beginning of the show, but we soon found out that they had trouble with electronic devices. Which probably isn't the best inside of the Resonance FM studio with all of its electronic devices.

Inspired by Jeremy Paxman and his beard we tried a new method of interviewing, which immediately paid absolutely no dividends. So then Simon tried being nice which seemed to work much better. Perhaps we should try to be nicer to everyone (We agree - Parko and Keith Stuart). We did find out some exclusive gossip about Mike Bithell that blows apart what we previously knew about the creation of Thomas Was Alone.

As usual at this time of year we talk about the forthcoming Christmas party which is close to selling out despite Keith not keeping up with his end of the bargain. If you're coming please remember to bring some games for Secret Santa (and put what games system the games are for) and also be fully prepared for the Pipmas Anntomime that we'll be premiering that night (with a view to transferring to Broadway). If you're not coming then please feel free to provide us with more karaoke songs for us to sing.

Not only did we have all that in the show but we also had Local News and a returning Science Officer. The rest was all down to Ann, who scared her flatmate by playing a game, became a YouTube Superstar and also came up with the equation that six PS4s are the same as no PS4s.

Team OLL x

Links: (last time, promise)

1. Volt 44 - Daystepping
2. Bit wish - Embark
3. Kubbi - Concrete (renovation mix)

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