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Ste's back! Hurray! Finally the team is back together and nothing will ever split us up again! Unless Ste goes on a radio show by himself and Simon then books an interview with Medium Wave's Five Live (remembering to invite Ann for protection) thereby causing a massive split and possibly putting the Christmas party in doubt. But those chain of events will never happen would they? Well, they could, but the Christmas Party would never get cancelled (tickets still available at!).
Luckily we had some experts in the world of tearing apart previously strong structures/teams with our Super-Special Guests from Media Molecule, Michelle Ducker and Christophe Villedieu. They tell us all about their new game on the Vita, Tearaway*, but more importantly they tell us all about their secret treehouse. Which probably isn't so secret now they've spoken about it on the radio.
We reveal how the Assassin's Creed movie is likely to start, get confused about if there are still motion controlled coin-ops at the Trocadero, get further confused about the right number of sharks to guard an XBone and get really confused about Ann's accents. At least Sega Badawi, Doctor Avatar and Craig 'the Rage' McLelland brought some sense to the show. Oh, wait, the opposite of that (in a good way, natch).
And we get the EXCLUSIVE review of Twitter! Yes, hear it and weep Polygon! Who cares about the PS4 where there are social networks to review?
Team OLL x
* Our Caretaker was upset to find out that this isn't a sequel to Tearaway Thomas for the Amiga.

Track list:
1. J-Peg - Unison
2. Ktaettz - Dream Slayer Theme
3. National Broadcast Network - A Split Second of Anarchy

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