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In all our nine seasons at One Life Left we've never had a walk out. We've never offended a guest so much that they stormed out of the studio never to return. That run had to break at some point, but we never thought that we could have offended our Super-Special Guest Keith Stuart - the most nicest man in videogames journalism. He came on the show (even though we got him the sack from The Guardian) to talk about his new Kickstarter, which is an excellent book about the Sega Megadrive. But it all turned sour. We thought we were ok to go to Cara's feature, but K Dog didn't like that, threw his headphones to the ground and stormed out. Awkward.

It took all the best efforts of our other Super-Special Guest Simon "Parko" Parkin to persuade him to come back into the studio. Our caretaker has tried to cover the majority of the blow-up, but you might still hear Keith's voice raise slightly and the fear in Parko's voice.

It's a shame because Parko was also on the show to promote a book, not to work on his fledgling career as a counsellor. Parko's book is an illustrated history of 151 games and he doesn't even need a Kickstarter to get it released. He's so edgy! And he owns a boat too! Although he doesn't really know what a meme is.

As well as our SSGs (and no Ste as he was still on his spirit walk in America) we also had features from Cara, Science Officer and Sega Badawi along with an announcement of new features from Philippa Warr, Leigh Alexander and One Life Left's Guy Cocker. There's talk about Ann getting a perm too, but the only way of finding out if the perm will happen is by buying a ticket for the Christmas Party (and attending). They're still available at but at current buying rates they'll be sold out before December so buy now!

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Track list:
1. Master of magic theme - Anders Hesselbom/Rob Hubbard
2. Delta (main theme remix) - Moonove/Rob Hubbard
3. Jredd - Revolution X/Music is a Weapon

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