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After last week's debacle where Simon didn't make it to the studio, he took all necessary precautions. He made sure that all trees near the train line were torn down and threw Lord Sir Charles Cecil out of his studio chair into the cold unforgiving London night. Unfortunately he also chucked Ste out who flew off to America in a grump/to give a talk at GDC Next.

Luckily we had the perfect replacements in Philippa Warr and Ed Fear. But which was the Super-Special Guest and which was the Super-Special co-presenter? We never actually decided, we were spending too much time giving Philippa secret missions at the Call Of Spooky launch or making Ed gip at Doctor Avatar's descriptions of a medical procedure.

More importantly we tried to find out if Ann's new glasses fit in her hair, used Ed's contacts to find out exclusive news regarding Jonathan Ross moving to Microsoft and worked out that Simon inadvertently won the GMA for Guy Cocker. Hopefully Guy will send it over now he realises the debt that he owes to us.

Even more importantly, we announced the date for our Christmas Party Feat. The Guardian. It's on Saturday 14th December and you should buy tickets at We're even having a pantomime this time. We would do an "oh yes we are" joke there, but we're not the type of podcast that goes for lazy humour. Wait, oh yes we are! LOL *sad face*.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Rambo first blood part 2 high score
2. Commando Theme
3. Thing on a Spring
4. Theme from Parallax

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