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Coming so soon after our Wink Murder/Videogame Karaoke event means that there's a chance that some of Team OOL might be a bit tired and emotional. Of course there's no chance of that happening to us (we're professional), although Simon does seem a little different. Not only that, but isn't that an MBE sticking out of his back pocket? Knowing the facts, we soon realised that Simon was actually Lord Sir Charles Cecil, filling in for Simon after a tree fell on the train track.

Even with Charles on the show (who is still preparing the new Broken Sword for release) we still had space for a Super-Special Guest, and luckily we had one in the form of Steve Gaynor from the Fullbright Company who told us how stories in games work (or should work). Recognising that he had expert knowledge regarding an incident at GameCity and Keith Stuart, we ask for his advice. Surely though, it wouldn't end up in Keith losing his job?

Other than Charles and Steve, there's a bit of a German theme to the show as Ste finds and reads some German text and Charles reveals the best German City. Nuremberg? Karlsruhe? Essen? It may surprise you to find out the answer.

There's also a whopping three features this week with Cara and Science Officer returning and Sega Badawi doing a rather poor joke. How can we top this next week?

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. defPREMIUM - Close but no Cigar
2. We The Sick - Midnight Drive
3. Kubbi - Void part 2

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