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Unbelievably we've finally reached our two hundredth episode. If you ignore the special episodes that didn't get numbered or the literally unbroadcastable episodes that we metaphorically never broadcasted. But in our official biography that this episode's Super-Special Guest Nicholas Lovell will be writing it will state that this was episode 200. And that it was performed with warm ears, thanks to Lewis Schaffer and his guests who were on before us. The fact that it was performed with cold torsos was due to our own foolish decisions.

So it's another amazing episode of OLL/OOL with the amazing Nicholas Lovell explaining how to make money when everything is free using his new book The Curve as a guide. This is something we've always been interested in, but never quite worked out. Apparently the first step is to find something that some people are prepared to pay for. This probably explains why we've never made any money from the podcast.

In terms of features it's the usual crew: Local News, Cara's Electric Dreams and Derek Williams' Free Market Economy. Hang on, Derek Williams? Surely not? There's only one way to find out (other than by it being fairly obvious now we've mentioned it in the show notes). And the doyouinverts try their best to make Detective Comic's Kieron Gillen cry again. We know how to do that, but it involves pushing him over.

What else happened? FOTS Steve Owen and Duncan Timiney wrote in, Simon learnt how to sell games to under fives and Ste had trouble telling his Arg from his Belle-bow*. Another amazing episode then.

Team OLL x

*  Apparently Belle Hardinge is a new character for season 6 of Made In Chelsea which makes this an amazing joke.


1. Klamm - Heart of Gold
2. Shintarou Music - An Introduction

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