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We're fairly Deep at Team One Life Left. Sometimes others when we've been Around The World tell us to Slow It Down, but we tell them It's Alright and we'll Stay Another Day.

Ahem. That might be an annoying intro, but we'll leave it up to you if it's as annoying as the Official Valve Theme popping up into this week's episode on a regular basis. Luckily our Super-Special Guest Darren Wall from Read -Only Memory manages to avoid the music and provides Ann with an EXCLUSIVE extract to read from his book 'Sensible Software 1986-1999'. Unfortunately the extract is about Simon but you can't win them all.

We hear about how ex-contributor Jon Hare got involved in an incident near some stairs. If we were a tabloid newspaper we would call this event 'Stair gate', but if there was a stair gate on the stairs then the incident wouldn't have occurred and we'd have got more confused than we already were. Or are. We're a bit confused.

You'll also find out what happened at the Eurogamer Party, what will be happening at the GMAs and what will be happening at GMA Defiance. But more importantly we'll answer the question: Is Simon aggressive due to video games?

And you'll also get to hear OLL Local News, Dr Avatar and Science Officer ( All you have to do is listen. And send us some dares for the GMAs/GMA Defiance. And make sure you attend our One Death Left event at GameCity. And send us a letter for our 200th Episode Spectacular.

Team OLL x


1. Yoshito Hinton - Hyper Horny Dinos!!
2. Yerzmyey - Deadly Labyrinth Of Lord Xyrx!!
3. Glooms - Kill the sound guy

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