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The GMA Nominated (and GMA Invited) Team One Life Left is like a finely trained pit crew. We make the short change over between us and Lewis Schaffer sound so smooth that you'd never realise all our tops came off in the transition. Unless Ann mentions it later in the show.

We do have a Super-Special Guest in the form of Panic Barn's Tim Constant, who isn't Ed Vaizey or Jason Bradbury. He does have a great game in development called Tiki Taka Soccer which Simon is very much looking forward to being the World Champion of. We also try to find out what he's prepared to do for $20 when we work out what we should have as rewards for Kickstarter projects.

What else happened? Duncan Timiney wrote in and incriminated himself for poor (or possibly good) parenting, we finally premiered Cara Ellison's new feature Electric Dreams and Craig 'the Rage' McLelland and Local News made returns. Ste showed how much of a hit he is with the ladies by explaining what happened what he invited Ann round to play some SNES games and we promoted a rival podcast without actually knowing what the rival podcast was. (Note to other podcasts: We are easily confused).

Oh! We almost forgot! We announced our event for Nottingham's GameCity. It's called One Death Left and will involve karaoke and murder, as we've worked out all excellent events usually comprise of those two things. It's going to be held on Friday 25th October so keep that night free.

Team OLL x


1. Fighting Free - Pixel Police
2. Fluid Volt - Amnesiac

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