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Last week, that was just a warm up. This week, this is the real thing. Which means we're back, Back, BACK! With our eight/ninth season/series of the GMA nominated/GMA losing podcast/radio show One Life Left (delete to taste). All the usual presenters are present, er, and correct - although Ann appeared to be a little unsure that she was Ann (we're blaming her change of hair colour).

It's an episode of positives and negatives. Ann perfects her audition for GTA V, but this might mean the release will be delayed. Two new games consoles are announced, but the VitaLite pun doesn't really work said out loud so it can only be used here. And Simon gets kicked out of the IGDA, but we're not sure if this is good or bad.

What is good, is that we have ruler of Gamer Network, Rupert Loman on the show. Simon hits him hard with a hard hitting interview that is the trademark of One Life Left and manages to find out that Simon - and therefore One Life Left - is responsible for Eurogamer existing. We'll apologise next week, don't worry. Rupert does give us what might be the WORLD EXCLUSIVE review of Fifa 14. But we might have to apologise to EA for that next week.

All that, plus the welcome return of the doyouinverts and Doctor Avatar and a new feature in the form of OLL Local News.

Team OLL x


1. Bit Your Bitch - Love You Like A Long Song
2. the doyouinverts - Games Journalism LOL
3. Volt 44 - Why Isn't This Working
4. PSS 270 - Ghost Inside A Musical Box

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