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It's the final One Life Left of the season. This is sad news. Ann might be ill. This also sad news. Ste was in Norway. We're unsure of the news status for this. Simon can't go to GDC with the rest of Team One Life Left as he's getting married*. This is sad news for the Blackberry Playbook and all females. What's even worse than all of this is that it is Derek Williams' final Free Market Economy.

He's been a near-constant electronic presence on our show and we're going to miss the 3 minutes he regularly filled up while Simon went out for a fag break, Ste read about Taylor Swift and Ann fixed her tights. If you miss him too then catch him at his market stall in Doncaster or wait to see if his Jan Doyle Band play a gig near you.

Still, every Yamaha/Korg/Moog cloud has a silver lining and we're glad to have Nicholas Lister on the show to give us more advice on how to make the One Life Left Videogame. He's busy developing his first game Imp Paired which prevented Ann from multitasking so it's sure to be a success. We also learn about how long it takes to nearly become an architect and FOTS Michael Frederickson sent in a parcel that made Ste gasp a little on air. It's totally understandable when you hear what it was though.

Team OLL x

* Although I (the caretaker) wasn't even asked if I wanted to go :(


1. Ocean Palace - A Hateful Shade

2. Breakbeat/Heartbeat - Explore

3. Elektrohobo - Workinprog

4. Groovemaster303 - Castle of Shards (YM2612)

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