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It's the penultimate OLL of the season and as usual we've decided to go all out for our second to last show. We have a Super-Special Guest in the form of Hot Sauce's Law Abiding (in Greece anyway) Georg Backer who shows amazing patience in praising our ideas for our new game even though we're beginners at this sort of thing (Ste especially). Georg also tells us what it is like to work for Jonathan Ross and what it was like to work for Peter Moulinex.

As well as Georg we also discover that Hookshot LNC have their own podcast (apparently it's been around for months - who knew?), Simon reinforces his status as the Michael Winslow of Videogames by adding a machine gun to his excited noise from last week, we hear tales of how the voice of God goes to the toilet and Ste says we don't have a Steam group even though we literally do. There's also Derek Williams, but we can always rely on Derek can't we? Can't we?


Team OLL x



1. Jredd - Blue Ska

2. skyhaunt - Nostalgia

3. Klamm - Good

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