One Life Left's Podcast

Ok, first show of the year, let's do a roll call.

Simon? Here Sir, but he's been talking to strangers in Day Z again Sir.

Simon's top? He's absent Sir.

Tsk, that's always the case. Super-Special Guest? Yes Sir, we've got Mike Bithell to make third appearance. He's been promoted to milk monitor and Chief Design Officer to help Team OLL create the best videogame that has ever been made after his amazing game Thomas Was Alone did well in the IGF awards.

Danny Wallace? It's best he's not here Sir.

Ste? Here Sir, and he seems not have jet lag this time.

Scanters? Scanters? Scanters? I think she's ill Sir, or she's got a ladder in her tights again.

Well who will do the news? We can do it Sir, it's not difficult. You'll not even notice that she's missing, it'll be that smooth.

Ok. Incredibly long and complex introduction to the episode in an attempt to hide the caretaker's lack of inspiration? Unfortunately he was always here Sir.


Team OLL x



1. qb - Meant to Be

2. sadpanda - Die Jung (Ke-dollar sign-ha remix)

3. onewhitenoise - Back To Spain

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