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If there's one person that One Life Left chooses to follow as their leader in life other than Taylor Swift or Martin Hollis then it has to be Dean Gaffney. So when we read that he had applied to join MI5 we thought that if we got an actual spy on the show then it would help us in our quest to Be Like Dean.

Unfortunately Simon read the e-mail wrong and booked Matthew Reynolds, gaming editor for Digital Spy. But that actually turned out to be a great decision as we're a radio show about videogames and we're not sure Judi Dench would be able to tell us much about the Wii U (although Nintendo have probably signed her up for an advert).

Matthew tells us what it's like to work for the Internet's fourteenth best website and what the Wii U is actually like to play as Nintendo didn't send us one after that incident with Shigsy we can't talk about. He also manages to avoid staring at Simon's massive coldsore, getting confused by Ste's hungover questioning and the thing Ann did that was literally unbroadcastable.

However, he did let slip about the housewarming party that he's holding on the same day as our Christmas Party. So that's our after party sorted, we just have the hotel lobby and the room to arrange now. 

Team OLL x



1. Jredd - Limitless

2. Peekachoo - Pilgrimage

3. Ocean palace - Tetrahydrocannabinol

4. Hektagon - Tayo

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