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Here's a transcript that one of Team OLL had with their boyfriend on the recently banned ios game Boyfriend Maker:

"I love going on dates with you"

"Nothing much"

"Have you listened to the latest One Life Left? It has Ed Fear from Mediatonic on there. He helps the team design their new social game that will take over the world."

"Robots and humans will always live in peace with each other!"

"There's also a discussion about Peter Molyneux and how amazing his name game will be. Although we're a bit worried with what's happened to Milo. Do you see Milo where you are?"

"Oops I don't know what to say..."

"You don't have to say anything. Unless you can say if you've seen Pat Garrett and Julian 'Jaz' Rignall in the same room together"


"Perhaps they'll be at the OLL Christmas Party to be held on December 15th."

"Up momma's house."

"I think that's the after party."

"Oh yea sorry"

"What happens after the afterparty?"

"Depends on what you believe"

"Ann says it's the hotel lobby"


"What do you think of Derek Williams?"

"She's a beautiful girl who stands up for what she think is right and doesnt let what people say get to her. She's had a rough life but with her friends and family she will make it through just fine."


"I really know she is very kind on u and she love u so much right? and she is very cutie :)"

"If you were to score our date out of ten, what would you give it?"




Team OLL x



1. Volt 44 - Twenty Two

2. Auxcide - Blue Planet - Earthscape - Eos[live-raw]

3. Solarbear - Pterodactyls

4. Ferretboy - Gameboy Dreams

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