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It's not often we have someone on the show who started in videogames around the same time as Simon, usually because they've seen Simon with his top off so often that they refuse to be near him again, but SSG Steve Boxer is a man who is prepared to take that risk. We ask him what it is like to work under a leader/dessert eater like Keith Stuart at the Guardian and the difficulties that were had working under a maker of rudie magazines*. We also told an ENTIRELY HYPOTHETICAL story about Keith Stuart's GTA5 interview.

And at least Steve had somewhere to go after the show as he had been invited to the Codblopsii event. All we had to do was to watch Ste walk around London in his Stockport County kit muttering to himself about Taylor Swift and Westfield. Come on PRs, invite us to your new launch parties, we're totally prepared to sell ourselves for some tiny hamburgers and sixty dollars. And that's to share between us.


Team OLL x 

* We're trying to not attract the attentions of work filters.



1. Switch-On - Old Abandoned Cave

2. Indiaton - spooked 

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